Rental Rates

Swimming PoolDeposit/Minimum Charges:
Charges for final billing are calculated on a per-person basis. You will be sent a final bill based on the number of participants in your group. There is a non-refundable $50.00 booking fee due at the time of your reservation.

Per Person Charges:
Faith and Hope Cabins: $15/night
St. Simon Cabin: $10.00/night
Epiphany House: $7.00/night
Tent Camping: $5.00/night
McGugin's Inn: $10.00/night
Gatehouse:  $25.00/night
Picnic or Other Day Use: $100.00/day

Program Services:
Swimming: 25 people maximum at one time
$50.00 for the first hour
$10.00 for each additional hour

Retreat and Learning Center:
Monday through Thursday use of the Retreat and Learning Center for small group retreats and/or meetings:  
$10.00 per person up to 30 people
$5.00 per person for Association Member Congregations

$300.00 per day for large group conferences (over 30 people)
10% discount to churches and religious organizations