McGugin's Inn

McGugin's Inn

This former farm house, over a century old, serves as the headquarters for summer camp. It has office space, a commercial kitchen, health care room, and a staff lounge. McGugin's Inn provides speeping space for ten and can be used as overflow housing for large retreat groups during fall and spring. The building is closed during the winter months, but a furnace can take the chill off during fall and spring. The commercial kitchen may be used for perparing meals for large retreat groups. The front and side porches provide peaceful settings for small group discussions.


Agapé Retreat and Learning Center

Retreat & Learning CenterThe Agape Retreat & Learning Center provides classroom space for our summer learning programs. It's beautiful stone fireplace, warming kitchen, restooms, and large open space makes it an ideal environment for retreats, either day or overnight. There is room for meetings of up to fifty people. Retreat groups, of up to thirty people, can dedicate separate space for plenary sessions and eating. This building is heated year round and air conditioned in the summer.



GatehouseThe Gatehouse is located near the entrance to the camp. The building houses staff during summer ccamp and is available for retreat groups in the off season. The building has its own kitchen, a restroom on both floors and wheelchair accessible bedroom on the first floow. There is sleeping space for eight if used for a retreat. There is a meeting room on the lower level which will accommodate 12 comfortably. The building is heated year round and air condtioned in the summer.



Faith & Hope Cabins

Faith CabinFaith and Hope Cabins are used for summer camp and are available for retreat groups during the fall, winter and spring months. Each cabin has an indoor bathroom. The six bunk beds provide sleeping for up to twelve in each cabin. These buildings are heated year round and air conditioned in the summer.



St. Simon of Cyrene Cabin

St. Simon of Cyrene HouseThis eight-sided cabin is modeled after a mud hut of southern Africa. This cabin is used during summer camp and is avilable for retreat groups during the fall and spring seasons. This cabin has electricity, but no running water. The Shower House is within walking distance. A portable air conditioner is available when needed. The three bunk beds provide sleeping for up to six people.



Epiphany Cabin

Epiphany A-FrameThe A-Frame cabin is located near the Shower House. It has electricity, but no running water. It sleeps four. The cabin offers a more rustic camp experience.


Tent Camping

Tent CampingThe designated area for tents is near the Shower House in Lower Camp.



Swimming PoolThis 20'x40' in-ground pool is adjacent to the Shower House. The pool opens for summer camp and is closed after Labor Day. Retreat groups may schedule use of the pool. A certified life guard employed by Agape must be present when the pool is used.


Shower House

Shower HouseThe newly renovated Shower House is located in the Lower Camp area near the cabins. Each side (male and female) has a wheelchair accessible shower in addition to sinks and toilets. The Shower House is heated year round.